How to ensure the mental well-being of your kids?

2 months ago
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Mental well-being

As per the research by the World Health Organization (WHO), India is among the top countries with the maximum number of behavioural and mental disorders. 

Mental health issues are no more a thing that should be ignored. Further, being mentally fit is equally important just as being physically fit is. Therefore, here are some tips to provide mental health support to your kid.

1. Firstly, make them realise that it is totally okay to seek help. Healthy communication with support from parents can certainly lead to a great change.

2. Parents should not hesitate to discuss the topics that are considered private. Puberty, periods, relationships, alcohol all these topics should be discussed by the parents with their child.

3. You can also plan some activities such as a box in the house just for the issues family members are facing. These can be any kind of issues. It will encourage your children to open up when they will see that you are open with them. After all, we all learn by observing.

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4. Try to be a good listener first who can listen to their issues and afterwards, when you think that you have a solution to that issue. Then, you can become an advisor.

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