How to deal with stubborn kids?

Nidhi Jain
a month ago
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Stubbornness in kids

When children are stubborn, they determine not to change their attitude or behaviour. Telling stubborn kids what to do, is like igniting their rebellious personality. Such an action either make them choose on their own so that they can feel that they can control and take decisions of their own lives.

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Ways to handle them:

• Listen to whatever your child wants to say and then turn it into a conversation rather than an argument, as stubborn kids are always ready to face an argument.

• Don't force or pressurize them to do something, it will only make them more rebellious or stubborn.

• Offer them some choices, as if they have control over their own lives and are independent but keep the choices limited, like 2 or 3 options to avoid confusing your child.

• Step into their shoes, observe the issue and try to understand from their point of view, that why are they behaving in this manner.

• Instead of directly denying them for something they ask, try to negotiate with them.

• Make rules and regulations, set boundaries for them, and make your expectations clear.

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