Helping children with language and speech disorder

Nidhi Jain
25 days ago
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Language disorders

Children with language or speech disorder face challenges in communication. They do not have hearing problems, just difficulty in speaking. For instance, your child may overuse "umm" or "uh" because they cannot recall the correct word.

• Lack of vocabulary compared to the other children of the same age.
• Confined inability to use words and form sentences in order to explain something.
• Leaving words out in sentences or talking in the wrong order
• Facing difficulties in tenses and grammar.
• Repeating the same questions again while simultaneously thinking of an answer.

Helping at home:
• Use clear slow and concise words or sentences when talking to or asking a child something.
• Don't yell at them rather be patient while they are forming an answer.
• To reduce the anxiety keep the atmosphere positive and relaxed.
• After giving an explanation to your child ask them to form the instructions in their own words.

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Frequent contact with the teachers is also necessary to encourage your child to participate in extracurricular activities that include talking and sharing.
It is a common impairment that most kids experience in their childhood. As a parent, it is your responsibility to not overlook it as something that can heal over time. Spend more time with your kid and help them overcome this stage of life. 

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