Group of experts is formed for implementation of NEP 2020

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7 days ago
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Group of experts is formed for implementation of NEP 2020

Source: India Today

Following the government’s announcement of its New Education Policy (NEP) on July 29, 2020, an expert group has been constituted for the reformation and implementation of the policy. 

As such, a number of webinars were held during September in various universities regarding the themes of NEP. Following a detailed consultation session with stakeholders, the decision for the formation of an expert group was passed. Constituted on a variety of themes the group aims at the development of NEP, with the inclusion of communities from every sector including socially economically disadvantaged backgrounds for higher education.

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The group will also be responsible for laying forward the goals of the NEP, the formulation of strategic initiatives, implementation of the initiatives, specification of operational details, and consideration of the suggestion of stakeholders on NEP-2020. 

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