Government Planning To Introduce Lessons On Covid-19 In School Syllabus

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Source: Hindustan Times

The West Bengal government has started planning to include the topic of covid-19 pandemic in the school syllabus from next year.

The 12-member committee set up by the Mamata Banerjee administration in 2011 advises the government on what needs to be incorporated in the syllabus from pre-primary to class 12.

The approach that can be adopted for raising awareness levels of a student of class 8 will be different while dealing with students of class 1. The expert committee may also take the help of child psychologists while deciding upon the syllabus so that it doesn’t leave any negative impact on the students.

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The committee will decide whether the lesson on Covid-19 will be just a page or a chapter which may be added to the core books or whether it would be a complete lesson as a part of the life science subject. It may also be included in health and physical education.

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