GoLearn: The first AI-powered platform of India for English Learning and Teaching has been launched

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3 years ago
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Source: Times of India

As per the UN, there is a global shortage of well-prepared English teachers with an increase in demand for learning English. Therefore, keeping this in mind, the first-ever English Language Learning & Teaching platform of India which is AI-based has been launched on 3rd September 2020. 

Alex Mirza, founder of GoLearn said, “Literacy and language skills and the ability to communicate is central to the individual’s physical and emotional needs and plays a massive role in the potential for their long-term prosperity. To empower a young learner with literacy, at a deep level, is to give them the fundamental opportunity to succeed and contribute to themselves and their communities - this should not be a luxury."

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"India choosing to benchmark itself on PISA, which measures learning outcomes rather than rote outcomes, signals that India is changing its systems of education to adapt to the future. It is a massive signal, " affirms the World Bank Country Director of India.

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