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2 years ago
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“We have chosen the Finnish way because Finland ranked 3rd in preparing children for the demands of work and life.” – Finland International School, Pune

Finland International Schools are known for converting their students into highly – skilled individuals who aren’t merely masters in the academic arena, but who possess effective communication skills, proper time management skills, strong analytical ability, leadership qualities and critical thinking skills, among others. The chain of Finland International Schools is an expert at expanding the mental horizon and developing the overall personality of their students, and that’s the main reason behind why those schools are thriving. We’re having special good news for the Indians. Now they can also take the benefit of the premier Finnish education by getting their children admitted to the Finland International School. Curious to know how? Well, now the Finland International School is available in India as well. Yes, it’s true! We’re talking about Finland International School, Pune.

Finland International School (FIS), Pune is a newly – launched branch of the Finland International School chain. It is an initiative by Goenka Global Education. In the form of FIS, Goenka Global Education has introduced the Finnish curriculum in India in association with EduCluster Finland (ECF), University of Jyväskylä Group. The school runs on the belief that the children should be nurtured in such a way that they learn to identify themselves as a crucial part of the emerging world and learn to be positive, open-minded and welcoming towards diversity and differences. Furthermore, the school facilitates learning in a bias-free environment, where the student gets to learn and grow beyond all boundaries.


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What makes Pune’s Finland International School unique from other schools in India?

The building of the new Finland International School in Pune

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The Finland International School, Pune is not like the other Indian schools. This is not primarily because of its board or curriculum, but there exist a lot of factors that differentiate it from the other regular schools. So, let’s talk about some of those factors.

Following are some of the main factors that make the Finland International School, Pune much more valuable than the other schools in India:

  • Special Focus on Nursery and Primary Classes: Finland International School (FIS), Pune is highly concerned about providing quality education to the students studying in the nursery and primary classes as they believe that the base of the students is what controls their future. So initially, Pune's branch of FIS is catering to the students studying in the Nursery to 4th Grade. In future, they’d gradually expand their school until the 10th Grade.
  • Extensible School Timings: As Finland International School (FIS) Pune’s whole focus is on making the kids make the best out of their learning experience at school, they want to save their students from everyday exertion and frustration. They understand that it’s difficult for the kids studying in LKG and UKG to sit in school for hours. That’s why they keep their LKG and UKG kids in school for only 4 hours. Meanwhile, students of older classes can continue to stay on campus for longer hours and avail the day-care-like facility of the school. 
  • Finnish Curriculum: I’d like to highlight the board and curriculum of Finland International School (FIS), Pune. The curriculum in FIS is a perfect blend of different Indian boards, like ICSE and IB boards. This is to make sure that through the curriculum the Indian values get integrated perfectly with the global perspectives in the student’s mind.
  • Balanced Student-Teacher Ratio: There’s a quite balanced student-teacher ratio maintained in Finland International School (FIS) Pune. Each grade consists of 2 sections, each consisting of 17 students, the number of which can be extended as and when circumstances arise. There are 4 dedicated teachers consisting of 2 teachers from Finland. In FIS, the students get to get their doubts clarified by the local teachers as well as the teaching assistants, who give personalized attention to every student.

So, dear parents, what are y’all waiting for? If you really want your kids to get premier education and to become a master in today’s high–in–demand professional skills that are required to thrive in today’s competitive times, then get your children enrolled in Finland International School, Pune. Feel free to go through the website of Finland International School, Pune to get further details about the school:

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