Essentials to Meaningful Play for Kids

Pratham Suwal
a month ago
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Essentials to Meaningful Play for Kids

Source: India Today

Childhood is that stage of life when the brain is still developing and trying to make sense of the surrounding world. In fact, the age span of 0-5 years is said to be most vital in terms of brain development, absorbing information, learning new abilities, discovering more of life’s offerings, understanding relationships and the numerous social systems making up human communities.


Before a child begins schooling, the learning is more through observation and self discovery. The medium for self learning is play. Toys, objects, body movements, rhythms, all contribute to cognitive enhancement of a child. It is important that guardians create an enabling environment for the tiny tots to engage in play which is constructive and adds value to their growth trajectory.


Childhood is a very special and meaningful phase of life for almost every individual. That is because the memories of learning through action and knowledge through wild play make this phase an unforgettable and cherishable one.

The emotional joy which kids experience during play is unparalleled. Playing is the “me time” for children. It is their moment to develop emotionally albeit subtly. It is not an activity per se, but a springboard for learning above and beyond the conventional.


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