Edutech: The way of life at Summer Fields School

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Edutech: The way of life at Summer Fields School

In recent times, the educational sector in our country has experienced a huge transformation. The value of its presence in the sphere has been specifically appreciated during the trying times of the pandemic. This period was able to highlight the most important addition that technology has managed to gift education, accessibility. Apart from that, the two concepts have managed to synergize to optimize the outputs of teaching faculties in school through “Educational technology” or Edutech”. 




Summer Fields School, Gurugram has embodied the advantages of Edutech to optimize its curriculum. This has enabled faculty members to enhance their output and create an atmosphere of learning that is engaging, inclusive, and provides individualized training. The school has been enabled by technology to transform their classrooms beyond the restrictions of the huge desktop systems by implementing Edutech tools. This has upgraded the way in which instructional materials are communicated and the way they are received by the students. 


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Students from primary to senior secondary are benefitting from a variety of new applications allowing them to galvanize their enthusiasm and initiative in the classroom. Summer Fields School has opened up new avenues with tech-infused classrooms which has also increased collaboration between students be it with cloud-based apps or digitally converted homework. Moreover, for teachers, classroom management tools, paperless assignments or automated grading systems have enabled them to integrate efficient teaching practices. 


Summer Fields School has managed to flip the traditional classroom culture elevating it into an extensive and cohesive platform wherein teachers and students are companions in this journey of learning. 

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