Desi ghee panjeeri is good for new mothers; know why?

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Source: Indian Express

Panjeeri, a mix of ghee and dry fruits, is considered to be extremely healthy for new mothers, to build up the immunity, said nutritionist Lovneet Batra in an Instagram post.

“Panjeeri is a highly nutritious, super delicious snack and post-pregnancy body healer par excellence for new mums. It has the goodness of ghee, dry fruits, safe sugar from jaggery, flour, poppy seeds – all strength-giving, healing foods for the post-pregnancy body. Indian traditions extol the virtues of panjeeri. It should be eaten right after giving birth to replenish the energy needed to kickstart the healing process,” Batra added.

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Benefits of Panjeeri:
*Removes excess fluid from the uterus. 
*Help the uterus to get back in regular size.
*Great immunity booster.
*Helps the flow of breast milk.

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