Choosing a good teacher on YouTube for your kid

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2 months ago
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Source: India Today

During these virtual learning times, finding a good teacher on Youtube is indeed a tough task. There are lots of videos as well as educators for the same topic. In such a scenario how can one find a teacher who promotes learning in students?

Undoubtedly, in-depth knowledge, inspiring and encouraging personality, and terrific communication skills are some must-haves in a teacher. If a teacher is too much introducing herself and her achievements then, it's a big no to go with her. As it is not the quality of a good teacher.

If the teacher is putting a lot of efforts, again and again, to gain subscribers and likes on her channel and not focusing on her teaching then too, you should be avoiding her. If your YouTube teacher is extremely casual and not taking his work seriously then, this too is an indicator for you to avoid them. As people who are not serious about their work, how can they be about your studies and future?

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However, in the end, you will be the only one to judge and decide the teacher for your kid. Yet, teachers of this kind must be avoided to prevent wastage of time.

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