Brilliant hacks to study History

3 months ago
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While every subject comes with its own set of problems, History is dreaded by most students due to expansive syllabus and a lot of facts. Here are some ways in which you can study history. 

  1. Fill some colours in your History book.

As you scroll through your book, the key pointers would pop up and jog your memory in no time.

  1.  Add dog-ears and annotations to different chapters.

They create better recall and makes learning easy. Doing this initially will help you in faster revisions.

  1. Create charts and timelines to connect events

Prepare flowcharts, family trees, and outlines to get a bird's eye view of the entire syllabus and fit in all the information together.

  1.  Peek into some visual cues.

The use of mind maps can be quite helpful when visualizing all this information at a glance and whenever you’re recapping for an exam.

  1. Watch Historical videos.

Divide each of the events you are studying into Causes, Events and Consequences. Practice writing as much as you can. Take practice tests, solve sample papers, and answer mock questions.

Lastly, go step by step instead of overburdening yourself with information in one go. Reward yourself after completing every chapter.