Board exams and slow learners during online classes

Mayank Jain
10 days ago
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Slow learners

Source: Times of India

Almost every school whether it is private or government have been conducting online classes for Class 10th and 12th students. Yet, teachers are worried about the preparation of students. Especially, for slow learners.

A maths teacher for Class 12th shares, “Students who are toppers and study systematically will be able to pick up from the video lessons. But for teachers, the challenge will always be with the slow learners. Some need a push from teachers and they won’t even seek our help if they don’t understand something. For such students, we will be able to give one-on-one focus only when school reopens.”

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One more teacher says, “For many students, practical work is their lifeline. Especially for slow learners, we train them from the beginning of the term in practical work so that they can get the minimum marks to clear the exams. Only when schools reopen, we can start that."

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