Accelerating Progress with a Dynamic Curriculum: DPS GBN

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Aayuushi Bose
2 years ago
Accelerating Progress with a Dynamic Curriculum: DPS GBN

Delhi Public School GBN is a part of the highly reputed DPS Society. As one of India’s premium educational institutions, they aim to provide a safe yet stimulating learning environment. An auxiliary of CBSE, the school’s teaching pedagogy revolves around a dynamic curriculum that incorporates the board’s holistic approach towards education. 




The school’s motto, “Service Before Self,” serves to instill a sense of responsibility and empathy in students, helping them transform into selfless individuals and accountable citizens.

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The primary school curriculum is based on a cross-thematic framework that helps students correlate what they learn inside the classroom with the outside world. It also includes hands-on activities to aid in developing basic literary skills and impart moral values to the students. 


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The school aims to lay the foundation for secondary and senior secondary education in middle school. Students are exposed to a syllabus covering entrepreneurship, Computer Technology, and Foreign Languages at the lower secondary level. 




In the final years of schooling, the curriculum focuses on imparting creative and critical thinking skills. Activities like flipped classrooms improve comprehension and retention of complex topics. Besides the prescribed syllabus, students get the opportunity to pursue co-curricular activities in highly competitive environments. A team of well-experienced counselors also prepares students for university applications.


The faculty consists of teachers who are well qualified in their domain areas and possess a strong sense of commitment. The administration ensures that teachers contribute to the physical and socio-emotional development of each child through smart collaboration.




The DPS faculty embraces the idea of learning by doing. For this reason, hands-on learning is an integral part of their curriculum. Children are encouraged to engage in kinesthetic learning or carry out different activities to grasp concepts fully. Each concept calls for a different approach and DPS explores each of these. Through activities like cooking, arts and crafts, poster making, etc., the school ensures that experiential learning contributes to this holistic development of each student. 


Besides striving for academic excellence, DPS also values and acknowledges the inextricable talents of each child. The infrastructure includes outstanding sports facilities, an auditorium, a regularly updated library, and dance and music rooms. In addition, the facilitators are well experienced, helping the children and the school win laurels in a plethora of fields.

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