A Teenager’s Guide to a Comfortable Period

Riya Sree Kaishyap
13 days ago
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Source: The Indian Express

Experiencing periods for the first few years as a teenager can turn out rather gruesome. The mood swings, cramps, bloating and other similar period distresses can easily spoil an otherwise perfect day. Here are some ways to guide you to a safe, healthy and comfortable period.

  • Update to organic and eco-friendly pads. These are made of completely safe components that keep you safe from rashes and are also safe for the environment.
  • Choose your intimate wipes wisely. Make sure they are toxin-free and maintain a healthy pH level while also keeping infections at bay.
  • Switch to cotton clothes and under-clothes. Cotton absorbs the sweat and thus, helps you to escape any kind of bacterial infections.
  • Make sure that the products that you use for intimate hygiene are chemical-free and toxic-free. Use plastic made products as far as possible. 
  • Change pads every 4-5 hours even if your flow is low. Otherwise, you might have to face health issues like infections. The better option is to switch to organic pads.

Incorporate these changes into your menstrual routine and you will find that period days are a much more manageable task.

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