Why Ezyschooling ?

Showcases your school

Helps you to reach a wider audience. You can manage your school profile on your own and can get in touch with thousands of parents

Automates admission process

Our A.I. powered dashboard manages your admission process and helps you to get insight of parents.

Helps you build relationships

We organise online webinars and virtual counselling sessions through which you can interact with parents directly

Fully digital

There will be no paperwork as application forms, payments and everything will be digital. And all the data will be displayed on your dashboard.


What does Ezyschooling offer?

Wide reach
  • Reach out to thousands of parents who are looking for the best schools around them.
  • Get insights into parents' data searching about schools in your locality.
Strong relationships
  • All the online impactinar sessions help in giving exposure and strengthen bond with parents.
  • Increase engagement with parents
A Seamless Process
  • The CRM based portal manages, accept, and process applications with a seamless payment gateway.
  • A detailed report based system to empower your school admissions.

Be a part of the Ezyschooling


Our Happy Customers

Ezyschooling has completely digitalized our admission process and has increased the admission applications for our schools by manifolds, we recommend using ezyschooling portal for schools to automate their admission process

Mr. Arjun Minocha
Queen Global International School

Ezyschooling has tremendously helped us in growing the number of applications for our school and build strong relationships with our parents to increase their happiness level

Ms. Swati Malik
Lovely Public School

Detailed report system provided by ezyschooling for applications submitted by parents and evaluation of form within seconds has been a boon for our schools

Mr. Anurop Sharma
Arwachin Bharti Bhawan sr. sec School

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get our school listed at the ezyschooling platform?

  • Signup at our website as a school.
  • Our team will contact you within 24 hours and give you a verification code after receiving verification from the school side
  • Submit your verification code and create your school profile through the school dashboard at ezyschooling dashboard
  • Then, your school can accept online applications through our portal.

Is this online application process can be integrated with our website?

A school can easily integrate the online application process with their website within 2 minutes. For any queries, write to us at query@ezyschooling.com..

Why should we list our school at the ezyschooling platform?

Listing your school at the ezyschooling portal will help your school capture thousands of parents visiting the ezyschooling platform for admission related queries as well as automate your admission process completely with an AI-powered dashboard to give you insights on parents searching on schools near your area.

Do ezyschooling also provide admission related campaigns to reach out to more parents?

Yes, Ezyschooling does provide customized campaigns to build strong relationships with parents in their locality and help in increasing awareness about the school in the community of 25000+ parents of ezyschooling. For any queries, write to us at query@ezyschooling.com.

After getting our school listed at the ezyschooling platform, do schools require any paperwork for managing the admissions?

No, after availing the service of digital admissions with ezyschooling, no school need to do any kind of paperwork and spend a single minute evaluating the forms. Every single form is evaluated according to the points criteria set by the school automatically and no manual work is required on the school part.

Can parents upload the documents required at the time of form filling online only?

Yes, parents can upload all the documents online only with ease and all the documents can be assessed by the school anytime through their dashboard with the application of the child. So, parents don't need to visit the school to form submission or collection of forms.

How do parents get a confirmation that they have filled the form and school has received their form?

As soon as any parent applies to the school and makes the payment for the application form, the parent gets a receipt as well as the submitted form copy through mail as well as at ezyschooling website which can be downloaded anytime with a unique registration number which can be customised for each school. School can verify the parent with the registration number present at parents' receipt before confirming the admission to the child of the respective parent.