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Junk Food is that edible product which is slowly eating away the health of the present generation. We know it is unhealthy but are unaware of the serious problems it can lead to. To shed some light on the Consequences of Junk Food, we have Mr. Ajinkya Ghan with us.

Ajinkya Ghan is the founding director of HealthOnlyNutrition and has been in the industry for more than two years and constantly engages in discussions about the insights of various food items in order to help people live an informed healthy life.



(2:01-3:40) Can you elaborate your experience with junk food during your childhood?
(3:42-6:19) Why do you think toddlers are fond of junk foods?
(6:20-9:32) Why are junk food harmful?
(9:36-12:59) What fold item do you recommend to replace junk food?
(13:00-14:55) What are the long-term consequences in terms of major illness caused by Junk food?
(14:56-22:30) What role should parents play to solve the problem of junk food?
(22:36-24:20) If a kid is already obese, what habits do you recommend to combat the state he/she is in?
(24:40-31:25) Any advice for parents and kids regarding healthy eating habits?