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Initial growing years are extremely crucial for a child's overall development. Parenting with a sound and holistic approach is the key to happy and healthy growing years for a child. To highlight the importance of the same approach in a child's upbringing, we have this webinar with Miss Swati Arora. Swati Arora is a global Transfer Pricing professional employed with a leading MNC. She is a Montessori advocate, an influencer and co-founder of @dresstorybysisters.



(02:44-05:25) How was your parenting journey during the initial years of your kid?
(05:30-09:00) What steps can parents take to ensure the good health of their kids now when they can't go outside?
(09:05-12:40) What are your suggestions to new mothers to keep in mind while raising a baby?
(12:41-15:35) How did you keep a check on your kid's mental growth during the initial growth years since that can have an effect on them?
(15-35:18:00) What type of essential foods kids should eat in a day for good growth and what are their benefits?
(18:03-20:15) What are the exercises or habits that a kid should definitely take part in to ensure good health?