Wondering How To Turn A Boring Sunday Into A Funday?

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Harshika Agrawal
3 years ago
Sunday become funday

In today’s busy schedules, not only adults but even children find it difficult to take out family time regularly. When kids are back home from school, dad and mom are busy at work. When parents are back home, kids are busy hopping from one activity class to another. Even weekends are busy! So when we actually manage to meet as a full family, why not make the most of it?

Here are some great ways to share some laughs together with these indoor games. 

1. Board games: Ludo, Chinese checkers, Chess, Monopoly, and many more. Keep a few around the house and you will never have to say “I am bored”. Try getting your hands on some traditional board games too. Like chess, they are good at building strategy skills while having fun. Pallankuzhi, Pachisi, and Chausar are some examples. 

2. Card Games: These definitely top the list at family gatherings since all you need is a deck of cards and some enthusiastic people around. Games I remember from my childhood are Spades, Rummy, and Joker. There are many more. 

3. Pictionary: This game is actually more fun if it has a few players who can’t draw. Lots of laughter to be shared as someone’s drawing of an airplane is interpreted as a banana! Or when a car looks like a puddle! All you need is a paper and pencil, some chits to write words on. Or you could also buy the actual board game from a nearby store. 

4. Dumb Charades: This is another game that will leave everyone in splits of laughter. Best for spending long afternoons (or nights if the plan is to keep awake!). Takes me back to my hostel days when friends would spend the entire Saturday night enacting funny things. 

5. Doodle with Noodle: This one is sure to get everyone across ages breaking into peels of laughter. All you need is noodles! Players take turns trying to make a letter or number with the noodles. Easy? Nah! The twist lies in that they cannot use their hands but use their lips and tongue! The fun is not in getting it perfect, but getting everyone to laugh with your goofy ways. 

6. Stringing a Story: One player gives a start to the story and everyone takes turns to add their bit until we end up with a rather ridiculous story! Try adding an extra edge to this by making rhyming sentences.  “I am a boy with a tail and a crown, going to the circus to dance and clown!” 

7. Carom Board: This is another classic game that can go on for hours on end. 

Now that you can't go to park because of the lockdown, you can try some of these games if you have a garden ar an open area in your vicinity.

1. Castle Building: Kids love to play with mud. A lot of sand, some buckets, and tools is all you need to spend endless hours playing this game. Feeling through the sand, letting it flow through their hands gives a different sensory experience to kids. 

2. Treasure Hunt: Set up an interesting treasure hunt for your family, and have fun watching them trying to solve the clues, while you can sip on a hot cup of tea. 

3. Tug of War: A classic game using a rope and some strong family members. Put the players in two groups, and watch them engage in trying to pull the other team to their side. 

Ah! Writing down so many games has already taken me back to my childhood with loads of cousins fooling around. Have fun!

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