What is IGCSE and Why Should Your Child Choose an IGCSE School?

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What is IGCSE and Why Should Your Child Choose an IGCSE School?

The quality of schooling at the grassroots level has a tremendous influence on a child's personality. A strong foundation established during a kid's formative years through education at the best IGCSE schools in Bangalore will serve the youngster for the rest of their lives. Choosing a decent school is thus the basic minimum.

As vital as school is, the curriculum is equally important to the child's whole development. The school curriculum exposes a child to numerous parts of life, which is an essential factor in the child's overall development. A school child may attend school but never learn essential components that should have been taught if there is no adequate school curriculum.

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What makes IGCSE the Best School Curriculum?

An IGCSE school in Chennai focuses on providing an international curriculum. It is also known as the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is an exam-based education system based on the British curriculum, with evaluations performed by the school's designated exam board. Some well-known exam boards, such as Campus K, are the next-generation and one of the best IGCSE schools in Chennai OMR.

The latter has a wide range of subjects, totalling around 70. With over 30 languages supported, this exam board places no constraints on pupils regardless of their linguistic background. This means that kids are encouraged to learn in their native languages while simultaneously being exposed to learning in other languages.

The IGCSE curriculum's inclusiveness extends beyond the breadth of courses and supports all major languages. It also focuses on student accomplishment by providing them with a variety of curriculum papers on other topics. Students can take either the Core or Extended curriculum papers, depending on their degree of competence or aptitude in these disciplines.


Why is the IGCSE the most Popular School Curriculum?

IGCSE was created in 1988 by Cambridge International Examinations. Schools all across the world gradually realized the importance of the curriculum. IGCSE quickly replaced national curricula in many schools. With an increasing international reputation, this curriculum became the standard in many schools. Because it allowed for inclusivity and flexible learning.

It is a learner-centred curriculum with an inquiry-based learning mechanism. It promotes the development of reasoning and critical thinking skills. Students begin to think for themselves, which fosters leadership abilities. IGCSE focuses on honing a student's different talents through knowledge acquisition, retention, and application. Important parts of overall growth, such as conversational skills, analytical ability, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills, are also covered in the curriculum.

Even if a student is allowed to learn in their original language, the IGCSE curriculum develops a student's ability to communicate in English. This is a necessary ability for the future because English is the common language used for communication between countries, cultures, and individuals from all walks of life.


What is the Status of the IGCSE in India and Abroad?

A student who has completed the IGCSE curriculum at one of the leading IGCSE schools in Bangalore begins to behave in the manner required to be internationally competitive. It expands national and worldwide educational opportunities. Over 140 nations have implemented IGCSE around the world. It is generally acknowledged by universities and institutions worldwide. The curriculum is being adopted and used increasingly more widely in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries.

The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) has acknowledged IGCSE, and it is now as extensively used as popular curricula like CBSE and ICSE. In the United Kingdom, IGCSE is on par with GCSE. Many UK universities accept IGCSE students' English proficiency as proof of English language proficiency. This is very important if the student is applying to UK universities from an IGCSE school in India in the future.

Importantly, IGCSE-educated students have a better chance of being admitted to world-class educational institutions such as Cambridge, MIT, and Harvard. As a result, IGCSE is now the basic learning curriculum for schools, allowing students to supplement their official education and advance their careers.


What is the Significance of an IGCSE School?

An IGCSE school can prepare a child for a successful profession. This is the reason.

  • Internationally Acknowledged: The greatest international universities in the world perceive the IGCSE curriculum and IGCSE students as possessing the foundational competencies. This is in order for them to not only be good students in their different educational institutions but also to exhibit perfect behaviour.
  • Employers all Across the World Recognize it: Fortune 100 organizations value an IGCSE education from a Bangalore IGCSE school. This is because, aside from conventional schooling, the IGCSE curriculum concentrates on many other elements. Students learn behaviour-driven attributes like discipline, punctuality, communication, citizenship, and teamwork. As a result, employers do not have to worry about determining whether an employee is fit to work for them.
  • Global Society: The best IGCSE schools in Chennai ensure that their pupils are part of a global learning community. The community pooled its resources and knowledge. Such features elevate learning to a whole new level. It also instils in students a global perspective.


Future Prospects

Studying the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum prepares students for greater future employment options. It assists kids in developing abilities that will lead to a highly successful life. The emphasis is on application-based learning, and the examination questions assess the student's knowledge rather than their capacity to memorize things. Students are encouraged to study and analyze simultaneously.

Education is crucial, and it is even more crucial to choose the correct curriculum to ensure that kids get what they need in this ever-changing and fast-paced twenty-first century. Without a doubt, IGCSE is one of the best curricula one may take if one wants to study abroad for higher education. It gives pupils a well-rounded education. It has all of the important abilities for people to achieve in their lives. It demonstrates high academic standards by providing high-quality education that promotes total growth in students. They are educated in such a way that they are prepared for the future and nourished to face the challenges that lie ahead.

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