The new approach to education: Atal Tinkering Labs

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Atal Tinkering Labs by Greater Noida world school

The new approach to education: Atal Tinkering Labs

A modern education system includes the theoretical as well as the practical approach to learning. And in India, the education system is also improving. Hence, the central government of India has introduced a new approach that is the Atal Tinkering Labs.

What does Atal Tinkering Lab mean?

Atal Tinkering Labs refers to the educational space where the children experiment, learn and develop different scientific ideas with utmost creativity. It is one of the schemes proposed under the Atal Innovation Mission (AIMP). The main idea of the setup of the ATLs is to encourage the students to understand the (STEM)  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths concepts. The students learn and understand the concepts through various experiments. The school involves the students in various educational projects and learn practical skills.

Benefits of students with Atal Tinkering Labs:

Here are the following benefits that students receive with the Atal Tinkering Labs:

  • The students enjoy learning: We know that theoretical knowledge is necessary but not enough. So, schools have initiated the setup of Atal Tinerking Labs with which the students can enjoy learning. They learn by performing experiments and become innovative on their own. They also provide kids with science experiment kits.

  • Creativity among the students: The children enhance their creative and physical skills. They also generate innovative ideas and takes education to a different level. They enable children to conduct science experiments at home.

  • Students learn concepts with ease: Children learn the difficult concepts of science, technology, engineering, and maths quickly. The difficult concepts seem easy to them with practical implementation. And rather than sticking to the words, they develop a deep understanding. 

  • Peaceful ambience: ATLs make sure that students studies and perform experiments in a healthy environment. Then labs have the do it yourself kits for students that include 3D printers, sensors, boards, open-source microcontrollers, and other things.

Hence, Atal Tinkering Labs will make the students more productive and innovative. And if you want to get your child into a school that offers the facility of the ATL. Then the Greater Noida World School can be one of the good options of school for your child.  

greater noida world school - science for kids

They believe in constructive education that goes even beyond achieving academic excellence.

And the mission of the school is to focus on 4 S that are Service, Skill, Sports, and Study. They prepare their students to understand, contribute and succeed in rapidly changing society.

And they teach their students the importance of social and traditional values. And on the other hand, they make the student respect their individuality.

Why choose Greater Noida World School?

greater noida world school bus

Smart Classes- The school follows the concept of Smart Classes. They have Smartboard classrooms that involve interactive teaching and learning process. The children learn things with technology and learn various skills.

Child-Centred Approach- They have a teacher and student ratio of 25:1. So, they give proper attention to each child. And make the students learn the process of developing lifestyle and academic skills. And try to answer all their queries with the sharpening of the concepts.

Co-Curricular activities- The school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities. It includes outdoor and indoor activities such as Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Skating, Karate, Table tennis, Yoga, Gymnastics, Aerobics.

Labs and other activities: The school has math, discovery and, a computer laboratory, and an invention center. They also have a Sculpture studio and a beautiful art room. And other activities in which they make their students learn musical instruments and dance. Also, the school organizes workshops and conduct inter-school competitions so that the children can learn team and leadership skills. 

Value Education- Value education is a priority for the school. They consider it as a crucial area of education. The school tries to make their students learn the value of life and understand the importance of self-realization. And even try to bridge up the gap between the school and home.

The health of children: the school gives proper attention to the health of each child. They have good medical facilities. And are taking adequate measures against corona. They are following the social- distancing, sanitization norms and following guidelines given by CBSE.

The other activities offered by the school are:

  1. They have transport facilities that include buses.
  2. Nominal fee structure
  3. Interactive sessions with parents.
  4. CBSE affiliated school.
  5. Activity-based learning approach.
  6. Positive School environment.
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