The Benefit of Child-Centric Education in the 21st century

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The Benefit of Child-Centric Education in the 21st century

Most schools follow a curriculum-centric education system wherein students are expected to adapt their learning habits. While this approach requires minimal effort, it is also one that bears less fruit. In the 21st century, parents have high academic goals for their children, and laying the foundation at the initial stages of their education is imperative.  




As the best school in Gurgaon, Mount Olympus School understands that the curriculum-centric pedagogy is not a one-size-fits-all and hence, provides a learning environment that focuses on all areas of development, of each individual. 


What is Child-Centric Education and Life Skills?

Holistic development

An unconventional form of education, the child-centric approach focuses more on the holistic development of children. Alongside academic knowledge, it aims at developing the physical, mental, cognitive, and emotional abilities of a child. 


Life skills are the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the challenges of every day. This form of education inculcates decision-making abilities in students. It polishes the ability to think fast and adapt to odd situations that one might encounter throughout their life. Hence, life skills education is quintessential to student-centered learning. 

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life skills


Top nursery schools in Gurgaon have realized the importance of integrating these into their academic curriculum to character development.


Characteristics of Child-Centric Education

  • It is built around the child’s personal needs and interests.

  • It incorporates subjects like life skills to instill a collective culture which is necessary to initiate collaboration and improve soft skills. 

    Soft skills

  • Child-centric education ensures overall well-being and an opportunity to explore beyond the four walls of the classroom, enabling students to attain academic success. 

    Academic Success in children
  • These classrooms are less structured and have flexible schedules and curriculums, which helps the child learn at their own pace and makes the transition into a formal classroom easier.

    Flexible Classrooms

  •  Expanded exposure in terms of extracurricular activities helps the child find their strengths and excel in their intrinsic talents. 

Extra Curricular activities

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Why Child-Centric Learning and Life Skills Education is a Necessity?


  1. Bridging the Gap Between Attractive and Meaningful Learning

    Meaningful Learning


There exists a common misconception that institutions must compromise on the joyful aspect of learning to impart relevant knowledge. Through child-centric education, the Mount Olympus School, Gurgaon faculty ensures that your child can engage with and enjoy the process of learning while simultaneously being prepared for progressive education. 


  1. A chance at Self-Discovery



Every kid starts out full of wonder and curiosity about the world around them. But this sense of adventure can be lost when a child is pushed to grapple with things they aren't ready for. With SCL, children discover their abilities, passions, and skills through questioning, problem-solving, independent thinking, innovation, and creativity. To create an emotionally safe place that stimulates learning, teachers support the children as they make discoveries and try experiments. 


  1. Inculcating Responsibility

    Responsible kids

As part of the collective learning process, children are empowered as they take responsibility for themselves as learners. Teachers create an environment that lets students experience their choices and their consequences. Through this exercise, they learn to exercise their freedom and take accountability for their actions. 


The Mount Olympus Approach

Mount Olympus School

One of the most prestigious schools in sector 47, Gurgaon, Mount Olympus School respects a child's sense of wonder, providing him/her with time to think, observe, experiment, articulate, and solve her/his problem, and make sense of the world. They aim to prepare students for the future alongside academic teaching. As teacher allies, the students get a broader understanding of the importance of working in a collaborative culture, and how and why to pursue their academic goals consistently. Through events like career lecture series, students also get an insight as to what kind of work environments exist in their fields of interest, enabling them to make wise decisions about their career goals and how to prepare for them. They are also one of the schools with daycare facilities in Gurgaon, that incorporate this methodology in daycare as well. 

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Early childhood education and interactions shape learning habits and idiosyncrasy. One must possess a well-rounded skill set and sharp decision-making acumen to survive in today’s dynamic and highly competitive environment. The flexibility of child-centric education allows Mount Olympus school to create programs that fit its real-world requirements, which is the case for top top CBSE schools in Gurgaon. This makes progress towards their program goals while heeding the realities of their specific circumstances. Not only are they highly motivated students, but they are also quick-witted and responsible members of society. 

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