Teenage Dating: Moral or Immoral?

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Teenage Dating Relationship Facts


Do you feel teenage dating is a big NO? Then this piece is meant for you. Or are you in complete support of the teenage dating culture? If so, then this is definitely a must-read! Don’t worry, we are not here to change your mindset but just providing you with a broader perspective.

Teenage dating mostly has a negative connotation when it comes to parents. Teenagers are considered to be too young to get involved in dating and most of the time only negative consequences are kept in mind while giving it a thought. Well, all of these concerns seem right to a greater extent because if parents will not be worried about their child and think for their good then who else will?

A fact which still remains constant is that nowadays dating has become very common among teenagers. So, let’s get to know the reasons.


Why is dating and relationships common among teenagers?

teenage girl and boy love relationship

1) Peer pressure – When young children see some of their friends getting into the dating culture, they tend to be influenced by it and wish to have a partner too so that even they can be similar to their peers and not less in any way. The feeling of competition makes one want things that others may have and they might not.

2) Loneliness – The feeling of loneliness can be a triggering factor as well. On one hand, due to differences in mindset and thought process, every other thing cannot be shared with parents and on the other, not every teen has friends, to be specific, good, and true friends with whom they can share their feelings and problems.

3) Vulnerability – The adolescent age group is most likely to feel vulnerable. The reason could possibly be anything in ones surrounding or past so, they start feeling that nothing and no one matters, and even no one wants them. This leads to an urge to finding someone who would understand the emotional points where they feel attacked.

4) Hormonal changes – As kids step into the adolescent phase many changes occur physically as well as mentally and hormones here play a major role. This makes them feel things they never felt before. The attraction is one of those feelings. Even a minute crush or infatuation might seem a big deal to them.

5) Influence of media – The Bollywood movies have always been creating hype over certain things leading to the formation of misconceptions. The reel stories continue to portray that everything is perfect in love and parents will always be against it even if the reality might be the complete opposite. This forms an impression in the minds of the young.


Why are parents concerned about teenage dating?

Teenage dating boy and girl

Concern to parents is like oxygen to humans. They just can’t live without it. Hence, when it comes to their children dating someone it automatically multiplies many folds. This is obvious as there are some teens who have taken the wrong steps while dating. Adding to this, in many extreme cases several reports come out in the news regarding serious issues that cause harm to the teens in a relationship.


Disadvantages of teenage dating and its solutions: 

Dating is a win-win situation. If the partner is a good person then there is no issue at all and the teens will only get to adapt something new and positive as company matters a lot while on the other hand if the person turns out to be wrong then the teen realizes that their step wasn’t right, will learn a lesson and this will also increase the value of parents in their life as at the end family is always there.

disadvantages of teenage dating

But this is just one side of the coin. The other side is the concern. All the news that comes almost on a regular basis regarding teenage dating risks makes parents all the more worried. Another reason of concern can be a distraction from the goals. Many parents allow kids to start dating once they are independent while some never allow.

Exploring solutions to these problems makes it easier to deal with and without making it a big issue.

1. Conversations with your teen and providing them with sex-ed makes them aware of the risks and how to take precautions.
2. Showing them the right path by giving them correct guidance when involving in dating.
3. Don’t restrict them and put pressure on not going on the dating path as the harder you press a spring the faster it will bounce back.
4. Children are like clay. They will become the way you shape them. So, it is the duty of parents to prepare them at the correct age without hesitating. This will make sure that their 1st experience isn’t bad.
5. According to surveys, dating is the cause of depression in 70% of teens. The first experience if bad, leaves a scar in their minds. Thus, it is better to educate them beforehand so that your child doesn’t get affected psychologically and knows the difference between right and wrong person to choose accordingly. 


Is dating Beneficial? If so, what are the advantages of dating?

teenage dating

Most of the people will agree that every phase or event in one’s life teaches a lesson, similar is the case with dating. It is not a necessity or compulsion but is important as it teaches individuals and helps in contributing to the learning aspects in life. It is during the phase of dating where children learn to maintain relationships and value them as well.

During this age, a rebel period comes due to the hormonal changes when the teenage girls and boys think that whatever parents say is wrong and begin to assume that their partners are solely correct. We cannot stop the rebellious feelings in them as it is the hormones playing their part. So, at that point in time if they start to learn to maintain even a single relationship it is good for them as they have just begun learning. It’s not like they lose the importance of parents but sometimes relations out of blood bonds help in personal growth. Not to worry the rebel in them will soon fade away as time passes by and they become mature enough to understand things.

The most important advantage is growing in one’s personality. Influence plays a major role here. The personality development in self, when associated with a person, is high. A right person always reflects the positive impact on their partner.

This young generation is a generation of broken hearts and broken people. So, don’t let your teen feel lonely, stay with them, communicate, educate, and support them as much as you can so that they don’t have to face the consequences. This stage comes in everyone’s life and someday came in yours as well. Try to understand that as time changes people change too, so learn to accept this change in your child’s life.

This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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