How To Be Quite & Calm in This Quarantine: A Guide

Nimisha Paul
3 months ago

It has been a tremendously exhausting time for us, because of being trapped inside our homes accompanied by insights of changing economy, changing businesses, change in the work atmosphere, gradually piloting us towards a contrasting lifestyle.  The outbreak of the diseases has left us with no choice other than limiting ourselves to stay indoors as much as possible. Staying indoors has not only made our lives monotonous but for some people, it has induced mental chaos. Especially, the parents with a responsibility to take care of their kids too, are extremely stressed. They are surrounded amidst negativity and questions about how to keep their children under complete safety.

So this is for the parents, who are constantly worried about their kids meanwhile having a tough time maintaining a balance between work and home during this difficult phase, some tips to put an end to your anxiety and unfasten all the negativity.

  • Rise early



Though many of you already maintain a habit of waking up early, many moms work till late night which does not allow them to inculcate the habit of rising early in the morning. But studies have shown that waking up early can improve your mental health with an increase in your energy level. It also provides you an increased number of hours to complete your chores causing less or no trouble at all. Waking up early helps you build better concentration the entire day. So just wake up, have your favorite drink and you are ready for the day!


  • Following the right food habits


A lot depends on what we are eating throughout the day. If we consume a lot of fat it would slow our metabolism and thus slowing us too. It is important for us to eat healthily. Green vegetables, fruits, juice, eggs, etc. provides an ample amount of nutrition. Drinking a lot of water also adds to our healthy body and helps in smooth digestion. Eating healthy is immensely salient for stable mental health because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.


  • Exercise

We talked about a healthy body in the previous point, well there is another way to keep your body fit and that is exercising daily. Exercise pumps up your body and improves blood circulation. It also develops your flexibility and releases physical strain.


  • Meditation


Wait before you think that you do not have time for this. Meditation is not about how much time you devote to it but how much concentration you put into it. Even if you dedicate a few minutes to it, it can achieve you calm and peace.


  • Spend quality time with kids


Studies have shown that spending quality time with children has a lot of positive effects on the mind of children along with parents. Playing with them, helping them in studies, anything and everything will be worthwhile.


  • Saving some “me-time”


A person needs to have solitary time to enjoy what they like, be it music, dance, creativity, or just relaxing watching television. Every parent should remember to live their own life and not wary about their children unnecessarily. This alone time can make you realize things and introspect.


So, don’t allow yourself to be bothered by negativity during the lockdown and keep yourself and your family healthy.


Stay tuned, Stay Relevant!

This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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