Physical Developments of a Sixteen Year Old Teenager

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Radhika Krishnan
3 years ago
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Age sixteen can be a testing time for both parents and children. Your child will be on the verge of many accomplishments, planning for her higher studies and thinking about her course of a career. However, their bodies are still maturing so, there are bound to be up and downs in their mood patterns and need to sleep in longer. This will seem to have a negative impact on their studies also. 

It will be helpful as a parent to understand what physical changes to expect so that you can help your child sail through the period smoothly. The differences between genders are never as apparent as it often is around age 16. Girls are starting to slow down in physical development, while boys are still growing.


  • The body is still growing with the end of puberty insight. 

  • Physical changes, such as an increase in height, continue.  

  • Need for sleep increases and the times change, given a teenager’s biological wiring for staying up and waking up later.

  • Boys continue to sprout facial hair.


  • The body is fully mature. Your girl’s body has taken shape into a woman’s body. 

  • They have attained their adult height. 

  • Their menstrual cycle has fully settled. 

  • Girls are engrossed with their looks, trying to fit in to socially acceptable norms of good looks.

While some 16-year-olds are better able to adapt to the changes that growth brings, others are struggling to get themselves out of bed on time.

If your teen requires a lot of help to function, keep in mind that these will last only for a few years more. Understand that they are going through a phase but do not do too much for them. The phase is important for your child to learn valuable life skills while he’s still living under your shelter.

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