Physical and Mental Development during teenage growth

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Radhika Krishnan
3 years ago
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At age 18, most kids are busy deciding about their future course of action. They are on the verge of becoming independent adults. This phase is filled with mixed feelings of confidence, and doubt & uncertainty over what will happen next.

Physically, both boys and girls have fully matured and are living in adult bodies now. 

  • Growth has tapered or ended completely. They have reached their full height as well. 

  • Boys may continue to grow facial hair. 

  • Having gone through the tumultuous period from 13  to 18 years, they have adapted into their bodies and are comfortable in it now. They are less likely to be preoccupied with body changes. 

  • Girls are still likely to be fixated with their weight though. They will likely add a small amount of fat around their hips, breasts, arms, and legs, which can cause frustration considering the amount of energy teenage girls spend on dieting for weight loss.

  • They have reached sexual maturity. 

  • As they are entering early adulthood, they will start seeking intimacy over aloofness now. 

  • Their brains are still developing, so the need for long hours of sleep is still there. Getting into alcohol or drugs at this age can have a negative impact on brain development. 

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