Lohri- How Bonfire Folk Festival can get you your Heart Desires

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Lohri the bonfire festival

Lohri, also known as the bonfire festival, is a traditional Punjabi folk festival which marks the completion of the cold winter season and the start of Spring. It is celebrated on January 13th every year. It marks the movement of the Sun from the south to the north (Uttarayan).  

Legend has it that Bhatti, a Rajput tribe during the reign of Akbar, inhabited parts of Rajasthan, Punjab, and Gujarat. Dulla Bhatti, Raja of Pindi Bhattian, was put to death by Akbar for revolting against him. Dulla Bhatti, like Robin Hood, robbed the rich and gave to the poor. People loved and respected him. He once rescued a girl from kidnappers and adopted her as his daughter. Lohri is celebrated by people to remember Dulla Bhatti as their hero. 

Fire is a symbol of regeneration and also associated with life and good health. It signifies the sun, that is capable of growing healthy crops and ensuring the well being of all things living. To celebrate the Sun and to bring warmth in the chilly weather, large bonfires are lit on this day. People gather around bonfires singing and dancing with each other. Seasonal snacks like til laddoo, Rewari, gajak, and peanuts are distributed and also offered to the bonfire to celebrate the bountiful crops.


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