Interesting activities for kids on Makar Sankranti

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Hope you enjoyed talking to your child about the significance of Makar Sankranti mentioned in the previous article. 

Here we give you some activities that kids can be engaged in, to make the occasion a special one. 

  • Flying kites: Makar Sankranti is also called the festival of kites. The sky is filled with colourful kites, families are enjoying cutting each other’s kites, having fun all along. Take your kid to the terrace or park with a few kites and enjoy the sunny morning flying kites with them. 

  • Design your own kite: Go a step further and let your kids design their own kite including their favourite characters. Kite making is quite simple to do and doesn’t take too much time. 

  • International kite festival: If you are planning a holiday, take your family to visit the International Kite Festival which takes place in Ahmedabad every year. People from all over the world come here and you can see an amazing range of kites being flown. 

  • Kite flying competition: If you can’t travel all the way to Ahmedabad, gather the kids in your area, ask them to bring one or two kites each and have a kite flying competition in your neighbourhood. If you can convince one of the elderly ladies in your society to share some of her handmade traditional sweets to do the rounds while everyone is flying kites, nothing like it. If not, get some til laddoos and peanuts from a nearby store and have a wonderful time with your neighbourhood families. 

  • Making rangoli: On this day, in villages doorsteps are vibrant with colours as the women are busy making beautiful rangolis. Buy some organic colours and engage your children in making a beautiful rangoli pattern at home. It is not only a creatively enriching activity but also helps kids understand pattern and symmetry. 

  • Visit melas: At this time, a lot of traditional melas or fairs are held at various places. Check out where such melas are being held in your city and pay a visit with your kids. They will get to see a slice of rural India with music, dance, traditional foods and games. 

  • Set up a bonfire: Bonfires are traditionally made on this day in the evenings to keep people warm. Gather your friends for bonfire night, add in some music and dance and let the kids enjoy. 

  • Go out for a picnic: Since makar sankranti is associated with the Sun, it is mostly celebrated outdoors. Instead of the usual lunch at home, pack some delicious homely meals and have a picnic in the outdoors. Sarson ka saag, makki ki roti, til laddoos are some of the traditional foods enjoyed during this season. 

  • Making laddoos: Speaking of laddoos, Til laddoos are quite easy to do and kids can be easily engaged in its making. Make the basic preparation of til and jaggery and get the kids to make balls out of it. A lot will get eaten in the process, which is good because this recipe is very healthy for the winters. 

  • Be thankful to animals: On Makar Sankranti, farmers thank their cattle by decorating them with flowers, bells and paints and feeding them special meals. Take your children to a nearby farm to feed cattle and other farm animals and pay their gratitude. 

  • Storytelling: Talk to your kids about the significance of the festival. This will help them appreciate the traditions associated with it. Be it the reason behind using jaggery in the sweets or the importance of flying kites. When they know the significance, they are sure to enjoy the festival more and await it every year. 

So, now that you are armed with a lot of ideas, I am sure you are already planning on how to celebrate the festival with your kids. Go out in the sun and enjoy!

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