Intellectual and Cognitive Development in Children

Sidharth Kavadia
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intellectual cognitive development in children

By age 18, your child is busy making plans for the future. Some may feel they are ready to take on the world, while others may be apprehensive about entering the next phase of their life.

Here is what to expect at this age. 

  • Your teen exhibits adult-like thinking, however, his brains are still in the growth phase and not fully developed.  

  • He can think abstractly, deal with several concepts at the same time, and foresee future consequences of his actions. Thinking in a logical sequence will continue to develop into adulthood.

  • Your teenager can also process more complex problems. She can understand analogies, reason inductively, and think inferentially. She is better able to handle her demanding school curriculum because memory, time management, and study skills have all improved. 

  • Your child is actively planning for her future. She is pursuing long term goals and sometimes also feels worried about the future. 

  • They are able to comprehend subjects like philosophy better and are also capable of using their insight. 

  • Your child is probably using a lot of slang when speaking to his peers.

  • Your teenager is able to communicate like adults. 

  • Spending time with friends is one of the most important forms of recreational activities for your child. 

As your child gets more and more independent, it likely that you miss the little boy who was dependent on you. But don’t let that come in the way of encouraging his independence. Also, don’t let your sadness burden your child. 

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