How to Prep your Child for 1st day of school

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Sambhavna Tiwari
2 years ago

Whether you child is starting pre-school, or going to a new school,, starting a new school year can be stressful due to the unknown. But know that you are not alone. There are many families who are going through the same transition.    


So what are the ways to ensure a smooth transition? 


We have some suggestions for you:

  • Set a morning routine: “Both you and your child need time to follow a more planned and organized routine. It’s vital to transition your child’s morning routine about 2 to 3 weeks prior to the first day of school to ensure they’re getting a restful night’s sleep and are able to wake up and have a great first day back.” says The Academic Coordinator of Billabong High International School Noida.


  • Visit the school campus: Mrs. Gauri Seth having 32 years of experience as a Primary teacher also gives her suggestion - “Make sure to walk to campus with your child before school starts. This gives your child a chance to familiarize themselves and learn more about the school. You may be able to meet your child’s future teacher or get more information on what to expect. This will help your child feel more confident and comfortable.”


  • Reassure your child: Your child will feel anxious about his/her first day of school, you must do what you can to calm them. You can take your child to school and take pictures, give your child a big hug and assure them that you will be there at the school gate to pick him/her up after his/her classes end. It will take a few minutes for them to calm down which is totally normal. Let the teacher take over and help your child become comfortable in your child’s new class. If there are any concerns, your child’s teacher will contact you.


  • Ensure your child is toilet trained: Most children are toilet trained before they start formal school. However, nature comes calling unannounced and you never know when this can become a point of stress or an embarrassing moment or an awkward experience in front of friends, teachers and helpers. Although even if your child does go through these experiences it is learning for them. But such moments of discomfort can be unsettling for a child in a new set up. Being toilet trained can save this hassle.


  • Remember that some children will take a little bit longer than others to adjust. That is okay because every child is different. Just remember to stay consistent and stay positive. The more consistent you are, the easier it will become for your child. 


We hope you found this write up helpful.


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