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futuristic education

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

– Malcolm X

The world is moving forward. And technology is affecting every aspect of life. Hence, education is also being affected. The pattern of teaching and learning is changing. And the methods opted for education are becoming more exciting, sensible, and productive. So, when we sum up all this, we see a new approach to education. And that is known as futuristic education. This approach makes the students learn at the global level. 

Therefore a parent must understand this educational approach for the better future of their child. And below are the features of futuristic education. 

Features of Futuristic Education 

  • Skill-based learning process- The teachers teach the students with skill-based techniques. They make the students do experiments and then gain knowledge through them. Therefore, practical methods are considered more effective than theoretical for conceptual learning. And with this, the students get their skill set enhanced by becoming more productive.
  • Learning with fun- The students study while having fun. They learn through digital videos, exercises, and even games. The video sessions provided by the teachers are useful for the students. Therefore, studies go in hand with technological advancements. They complete their tasks on time and make learning their hobby. 
  • Flexible learning patterns- Each student has his/her individuality and understanding. Therefore, teachers adopt flexible methods of teaching and learning. So that the students learn and memorize the concepts at their own pace.
  • The measurement of student performance- The futuristic approach focuses on the development of the child. Therefore, teachers try to maintain a record of performance for each child performance. And with this, they make the child improvement and prepare them to compete and the global level. 
  • The teachers focus on student preferences- The future of education focuses on the student's strength. Hence, the teachers give freedom to the students to choose and opt for their choice of subjects. They follow a centralized approach to teaching that will provide benefits to the students at higher levels.         

Hence, a parent must have a look at the importance of futuristic education and should select a school for their children that gives them a bright future. And if you are searching for a school that focuses on Futuristic education then Mount Abu Public School, Sector- 18 Rohini can be a good option for your children.  

mount abu public school

The school got established in the year 1993 and affiliated with CBSE. The mission of the school is to create a dynamic learning community that inspires and nurtures every individual and focus on the holistic development of students. They also ensure to provide their students with quality education and life-leading skills. And have their philosophy as per the New Education system,2020. 

Why Choose Mount Abu Public School, Rohini for your child?

  • Experiential learning- The school follows an experiential learning curriculum that includes the cycle of Experiment, Experience, Reflect, and Conceptualise. Thus, the students are free from the conventional boundaries of education and learn with their experiments and performance. And by this, they enhance their creativity as well as critical thinking skills. 
  • Holistic Development- The school focuses on the holistic development of the students. And the teachers try to enhance the characteristics of their students. And focus on the socio-emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of the students.
  • Futuristic approach- The futuristic-oriented aspect of the curriculum is a part of the school academics. They focus on 21st-century skills and create an environment for the students to face the upcoming challenges and globalization. And hence, the school gives importance to the life-long learning process. 
  • Life skills- The teachers try to teach the students about the life skills and positive behaviour of society. And they follow a structured curriculum that is full of activities and child development. 
  • Co-curricular clubs- The school offers the students the facility of 6 amazing co-curricular clubs. And with the help of these clubs, the children get to know their inner talents. 

The clubs are as follow:-

  1. THE FIT MAPSians- It is a physical development club. And this club is for sports activities. The school believes that sports are as important as academics for children. 
  2. MOVERS AND SHAKERS- It is a dance club. The children become creative and enjoy at their best. And the beautiful art form- dance teaches them to be elegant and graceful.
  3. THE KALAKAARS- And here comes the art and craft club. It helps the students to become intellectual and gain practical skills.
  4. DO RE MI FA- It is the music club that teaches music to the students.
  5. THE SYNERGY- It is the cultural event club that teaches theatre and drama.
  6. THE TENDER EARTH- It is the social and global awareness club. It educates children about moral values. 

mount abu public school

The other facilities offered by the school are- 

  • Nominal Fee structure. Also, the school is not taking any Admission fees due to the Corona Pandemic. 
  • School Buses with proper safety as the transport facility.
  • The school offers a wide range of sports and co-curricular activities that include debates, elocutions, cricket, basketball, yoga, and many more.   
  • The classrooms have an efficient teacher and student ratio of 25:1. 
  • Well-equipped classrooms with smartboards.
  • Timely Parent and teacher meetings.  




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