Extra curricular activities while maintaining Social Distance

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Extra Curricular Activities and Social Distance

Schools across India have been closed down since March of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it has been difficult to keep the kids entertained at home. Although it may seem as though the situation has started to normalize now, it is highly unlikely that schools will reopen anytime soon. In times like this, it can be extremely challenging for a parent to keep their children occupied with interesting activities while stuck at home. 
Although you as a parent might let your child play outside for some time, it is essential to keep the current scenario in mind and practice social distancing at all times to keep your children safe. It can be hard to plan activities for your kids while maintaining social distance. 

Here are some extra-curricular activities for kids while maintaining social distance:


Yoga for kids in lockdown

Yoga is an amazing form of exercise that not only improves flexibility, but it also increases strength and coordination. It is scientifically proven that yoga can improve social-emotional development in children. So, pull out your yoga mats and try some refreshing yoga moves with your kids. 

These are a few yoga exercises that will be a fun social distance activity for your children:

  • Bow Pose
  • Bridge Pose
  • Cat Pose
  • Cobra Pose
  • Cow-Face Pose
  • Locust Pose

Simon Says – Fitness Edition

This is one of the most played games among kids. Follow the rules of Simon Says and have the kids imitate a variety of movements and exercises such as jumping jacks, squats, air punches and more! If anyone follows an action without hearing “Simon Says!”, they are out of the game! Play till just one player left. That will be the winner! 

This can be a very interesting game for children to play, and you can incorporate a lot of physical activity into it as well!

Animal Charades

Animal Charades games for kids in lockdown

All of us love a good game of charades, don’t we? To play animal charades, write the names of animals on some paper chits, and put them into a bowl. Have the kids take turns choosing a paper chit each and acting out the animal they got. Do this until someone guesses the answer! A fun challenge for your children can be to make them act it out without using sounds!


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Airplane game for kids in lockown

Balance and coordination are vital for the proper development of a child. This game will put your child’s balance to the test! To play, put your arms facing the ceiling, lifting your right leg and stretching it behind as you keep your knees straight. Lean forward and try to keep your body, arms and leg parallel to the ground. Hold the position for 10 seconds! Can you do it?


This social distance activity not only reinforces your child’s math skills but also encourages them to do some physical activity. Give each participant a BINGO board and small items to mark spaces. To play, the kids must complete the math problems and the exercises along with it – across, down or diagonally to get BINGO! For example, ask them to solve 5+3 and do that many jumping jacks!

Do try these fun extra-curricular social distance activities with your kids at home!

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