Developmental milestones for your baby - 33 months

Radhika Krishnan
2 years ago
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Your toddler is 33 months old! By now, she must have had her full set of teeth, so you need to ensure that you start teaching her how to take care of it. Here is what to expect at 33 months. 

  • Speech: At 33 months, kids have a vocabulary of around 450 words and beginning to start saying 3 to 4-word phrases. 

  • Taking care of oneself: Your child is developing the ability to dress and undress herself. 

  • Teething: The two-year molars appear around this age. This is the last phase of teething for some time. 

  • Potty training: You may have potty trained your child by now or it may be on in full swing. It is a somewhat in-between time were taking your child out without diapers may be stressful Try to keep trips short and always carry a change of clothes just in case there is an accident. 

  • Imaginary friends: Some kids may have an imaginary friend and this is absolutely normal. It helps them make sense of the world. Play along with your child. 

  • Disobeying: Even when you have instructed your toddler for the 100th time, he seems to be doing his own thing without paying heed to what you’re saying. Typical 2-year-old behaviour. Make rules and have small consequences that your child will understand. 

  • Sleep: Most 2-year-olds need around 13 to 14 hours of sleep every day. Every child is different though and your baby may need more or less also. Some may give up on their nap around this time. Try putting them to bed earlier as sleep is extremely important for growth and development. Some kids may resist sleep around this age. Have a consistent bedtime routine to help develop healthy sleep habits. Put her to bed before she is overworked and tired, which can lead to tantrums and delay sleep even more. 

  • Food: Your toddler’s appetite may go through ups and downs as they are growing. As long as she displays an upward trend in the growth curve, she is doing fine. 

Involve your child in playing counting and alphabet games and songs to help them learn numbers and alphabets. You can also introduce small board games to them. Building blocks, painting and colouring are a good idea too.

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