Cognitive Developments of a Fifteen Year Old

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a year ago
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Cognitive Development of fifteen year old child

At Fifteen, teenagers start thinking more about their future. They also start exhibiting more defined work habits and are better able to explain their choices. They may display a know it all attitude. 

Here is what to expect:

  • In order to assert their independence, your teen may argue with you at every possible opportunity. They are able to see viewpoints from another angle and are wanting to put the new skill to use. 

  • They start thinking about their future. They start analyzing different career options. 

  • They are able to explain their choices better and justify them in terms of right and wrong. 

  • Teens at this age prefer to communicate with friends and peers than with parents. 

  • Social media plays a big role in their lives right now. 

  • They communicate in an adult-like manner. Reading plays a major role in developing vocabulary. 

  • They have formed specific hobbies and interests by now. 

Show an interest in your teen’s activities. Step inside their world to learn about their favorite video games or sports or whatever it is they like doing. Your teen will love your interest in knowing about his interests.

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