Tips to pick perfect shoes for your toddler

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tips to buy perfect shoe for your toddler

The first two years of your child’s life are a period of rapid growth in many ways. Physically a child learns to sit, crawl, and walk. A child starts walking without support between nine to eighteen months. Around this time, parents need to contemplate the need for proper footwear for their infants. 

It is important to know how babies learn to stand and walk. Proprioception is the sense through which we learn to perceive our position and movement of our body. Babies learn to balance and coordinate by feeling the surface below the sole of their feet. A complex network of nerve endings sends signals to the brain and cochlea in the ear.

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Although barefoot is the best way for your child to learn to walk and run, shoes sometimes become essential. So, while picking shoes for your toddler, keep the following in mind:

1. The shoes should fit well based on the length and breadth of your child’s feet. Ensure adequate growing space.

2. First shoes should be flexible, made of breathable material.

3. The shape of your child’s feet changes rapidly during these years. The bones are yet not fused and are still developing. So, check and measure the feet regularly once in every 6 weeks. Change shoes if necessary.

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