Tips to help children maintain a healthy weight

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Source: Times Of India

Being overweight is problematic for everyone. Grown-ups or children, being overweight at any age will open windows for many health conditions. Obesity impacts a person in numerous ways. It will impact one's physical and mental well-being.

The problem of childhood obesity is rising in the present times. Childhood weight gain or obesity has become a heavy health concern among the urban population. Kids tend to be attracted to oily, deep-fried, sugary, and overall unhealthy foods that contribute to weight gain.

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However, maintaining proper weight and leading a fit and healthy life can be achieved with a few healthy tweaks.

Here are some ways to deal with obesity in children:-

  • Developing healthy intake habits in childhood is important to manage weight. Encourage your children to own vegetables, fruits, and whole grains and drink a lot of water.
  • Encourage your child to exercise, play games, or try some sports activities. Take them on evening/morning walks. It's also vital for teenagers to be physically active.
  • Not having adequate sleep can make them overeat. Children need a lot more sleep than adults. The number of hours of adequate sleep varies with age.
  • Do not label food as healthy or dangerous. Whenever you wish to eat healthily, use affirmative thoughts like carrots are good for the eyes. This may facilitate them to perceive the importance of eating healthy food.
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