Switching to homeschooling permanently after lockdown

Mayank Jain
7 days ago
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Switching to homeschooling permanently after lockdown

Some families who had children learning from home during lockdown discovered they enjoyed spending more time together, and some children found they learned better at home. Parents may have recognized academic or social challenges for their child at school and decided to continue with homeschooling.

Homeschooling is different from remote learning
Remote learning is more like distance education, which some families do if they live remotely, for instance. In homeschooling, parents have elected to meet their child’s educational needs themselves, rather than using government or other school options.

It takes a lot of time and effort
Even if parents decide to teach their children informally, they’ll need to put in significant time and effort. For some parents, it can also take an emotional toll and feel isolating if there isn’t a plan or enough support.

Consider social and other difficulties at school
Some family’s homeschool on religious or ideological grounds but parents should know schools have a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for children. 

Children can thrive academically
Children’s academic outcomes need to be considered in the context of the parents’ motivation for choosing to homeschool. This is partly because there are diverse parental motivations that may or may not prioritize academic pursuits.

Children can be socialized in both environments
Socialization is influenced by parental motivations and the education methods employed. Homeschooled young people can have a diverse range of social interactions with people of different ages, including adults.

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