How parents can help their children to read

Chehak Baweja
14 days ago
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How parents can help their children to read

Source: Times of India 

Reading is a fruitful habit for children.

 Children can enhance their creative and critical skills through reading. And they can increase their concentration power through reading.

Here are the ways in which parents can help their child to read 

1. Start early with the reading habit- As and when the child learns to read and write, parents should help the child to develop an understanding of literature. And don’t forget to teach them the value of books. 
2. Surround the child with books- Parents should not force the child to read. They should create a healthy environment that is book-friendly. And the child will automatically develop a love for reading. 
3. Set an example for your child- If as a parent, you want your child to develop a reading habit. Then you have to set some examples for your child. 
4. Read with the children during bedtime- If you read with the child during bedtime, they will develop an interest in stories and reading. 
5. Promote writing- Despite reading parents should also encourage the child to develop writing skills. This will help the child to enhance the vocabulary. 

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