Students get more time for Board Exams.

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25 days ago
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Students get more time

Source: Times Of India

On Thursday the board examination dates for CBSE class ten and class twelve were declared by the Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) through a webinar. Parents and teachers remarked that the schedules would provide students ample time to organize themselves. 

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Making all the stakeholders apprehensive concerning the preparations for the ultimate exams the scholars have not to attend one lecture.  "This is what we were expecting. The whole idea was that the classes X and XII students should get eight-10 weeks of  remedial classes to help them clarify concepts. It will also help them build confidence and provide them psychological strength,” said Ashok Pandey who is the director of Ahlcon Schools.

The decision was welcomed by the school body. The decision has been called strategic and supported by all schools. Parents and students who have been worried about the pressure of exams have expressed relief.

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