Signs that show your child is getting bullied

Chehak Baweja
17 days ago
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Signs that show your child is getting bullied

Source: Times of India 

When children grow up, they interact with people and make friends. So, the children may also get bullied. 

What is bullying? 
It is aggressive, intentional, and mean behavior. Bulling can be sexual, verbal, or emotional. 

 Here are the ways in which you can help a child who is getting bullied

1. Identifying the signs- The children who are bullied are scared to ask for help. Thus, parents need to identify the signs of bullying and the behavioral pattern of their children. 
2. If the child sleeps poorly- The bullied children often lack good sleep and do not maintain their hygiene. They also face the problem of nightmares. So, parents should notice the problems of their child. 
3. If the child comes home with injuries- if the child showcase signs of injuries. Then parents must immediately look into the matter. The cuts and injuries are the signs of ground bullying. 
4. Change in behavior- If the child behaves unusually and finds it hard to speak up. Then parents must talk with their child. The reluctance to be with friends, reduction in playtime, and the withdrawal of interactions are the signs of bullying. 
5. Academic fall- The declining grades and sudden loss of interest in school is a matter of concern for the parents. A bullied child finds it difficult to concentrate on things. Therefore, parents should try to find the cause of bullying.  

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