Schools Difficult To Open Before October, Ministry Gives Hints

8 days ago
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Source: Jagran Josh

With covid-19 cases surging across the nation, the Ministry Of Human Resource and Development finds the way of reopening schools difficult. The Department has indicated that the reopening of schools in the near months cannot be an option and they may remain closed till October.

In such a situation, the ministry has also intensified the campaign for online studies. Instructions have been given to schools to conduct online classes and connect with students. Also, work has been focused on the plan to launch 12 new TV channels proposed for schools.

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The ministry had earlier hoped to open the schools by August. But recently the pace of corona infection has increased tremendously in different parts of the country including Delhi. The Ministry has recently asked the UGC to review the guide line issued for examinations and new academic session

Students are being taught online for two to three hours every day. However, not all subjects are taught every day right now. Rather, they are being taught only for three to four days. Meanwhile, the presence of students has also been made necessary. It is also said that he must join the child from the online class. According to the officials associated with the organization, the circumstances that have been prevailing in the present time, will have to be read online at the moment. It is difficult to say how long one will have to study through it.