Rage Over School Asking Students To Learn Pakistan National Anthem

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Source: Hindustan Times

A private school in Ghatsila under East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand asked its students of LKG and UKG to learn and practice National Anthems of Pakistan and Bangladesh led to rage amongst common public and politicians. The school was also forced to discontinue its online curriculum on Whatsapp immediately.

The school teacher Shaila Parveen gave the students of Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir (SNSVM) homework to learn National Anthems of Pakistan and Bangladesh on July 7 and 8. The lyrics and songs were also shared through the WhatsApp group, through which education is continued during the lockdown.

“I did it as per the school management’s direction. The objective was to enhance the general knowledge of the students,” said Shaila Parveen.
“We are issuing a show-cause notice to the school authorities to clarify their position. No school can order students to learn and practice national anthems of any other country except India,” said the District Education Officer.

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Later, the home tasks were removed and the principal firmly said “We apologize to everybody if we have hurt anyone’s feelings or sentiments. “Dear students and teachers of UKG and LKG, Good afternoon. This is to inform you that you need not learn the national symbols and national anthems of any country except India. This is for strict compliance.

The principal said this was part of a project under the International School Awards (ISA) by the British Council. “Under the project, students were to be taught the national anthems, symbols, emblems, bird, animal, flag, etc of all the neighboring countries. 
“If action is not taken against the school, this will become a disastrous trend. Are we expecting and will we accept it if schools tomorrow start hoisting the national flag of Pakistan on August 14! At such a tender age, this is not acceptable. It is an attempt to manipulate young minds,” said Kunal Sarangi, BJP state spokesperson.

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