Precautions To Follow While Breastfeeding Your Baby

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22 days ago
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Source: The Indian Express

A query that arises in almost every mother's mind is that is it safe to breastfeed the baby in this pandemic? So, the answer is yes, you can definitely do so if you do not experience any symptoms of COVID.
Further, some precautions to follow while breastfeeding your baby are:

1. Follow sanitizing and necessary hygiene actions such as wearing a mask, sanitizing products properly and frequently. Always wear a mask especially when you are close to your baby or when you are breastfeeding. 

2. Always wash your hands before touching your baby or anything related to them such as bottles, clothes and so on.

3. Disinfect the surfaces with an alcohol-based cleaner frequently.

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4. If you are feeling ill or sick or having symptoms of COVID-19 then, you can choose to pump your breast milk and ask your spouse or some other member in your family to feed your little one.

5. Don't forget to wash your hands and the breast area. Also, place the pump and the bottle in boiling water after each feed to sterilise them.

However, if you have symptoms then, consult your doctor immediately. 

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