Paranoid Parenting: Killing Minds

Tanmay Tandon
16 days ago
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Paranoid Parenting: Killing Minds

Source: Greater Kashmir

Progress in the societies is both unavoidable and wanted but we all must be aware of the social costs that might be exacted as progress is made. Our progress in public life, evolution, religious observance, etc. should in no case make us understand that one can prosper and promote peace only by conceding more to costs than to benefits. By this we can largely grow in the society as comforting, which is worst vice in the society. This appeasing play for the sake of human advancement causes mere appeasement and more abetment that triggers society to weaken perpetually.
Much of our modern social systems behave like immune systems which need ‘Stressors and Challenges’ to grow, to adapt and to learn to be hardy and healthy, to respond challenges vigorously and keep expanding the very life-span for any sound society. We, however, as a society wither today by sitting along and watching the encroaching weaknesses without taking curative/corrective measures. Despite pulls and pressures all around, we behave without any extra wit and grit and; our fight even for our slight survival is both thrifty and frail.
Today when cultural susceptibility is on the rise, parenting in the society is very paranoid. All men of letters parent us with a difference. Their reasonable restrictions and regulations are risked in the wrong ways. Virtuous and capable people make Doctors and other health professionals very popular in their speeches which at times prove ‘harmful prescriptions’ to the society, as people ascribe more to the actual and speak in language of redundancy.

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