Don't fall into the nuclear family 'parent trap': What kids need most is love

Tanmay Tandon
17 days ago
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Don't fall into the nuclear family 'parent trap': What kids need most is love

Source: CNN

Food in their belly. A roof over their head. A comforting hug after a tough day. An ear to listen to the latest thing that so-and-so said to so-and-so about such-and-such. These are the things our children need to flourish. What doesn't matter is the gender of the parent -- or how many there are, for that matter. "Some children have two mothers. Some children bunk with their cousins. So no matter whether you have a ma, a pa, a hog or this llama. If you love each other then you are a family," reads Suzanne Lang's fun children's book, "All Kinds of Families." One in four children do not have a father, according to US Census Bureau data. Your default response may be sympathy, sadness or some misdirected judgment about what my child must be missing. The predominant trope that every kid needs a mom and a dad is starting to shift, but we have just barely cracked open the door on our full acceptance and celebration of parents and caregivers of all colors and stripes.

Acceptance though tough is the new norm for society in general, thus accept and move on care and love your kids.

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