Let Your Kid Calm Down Without Any Time-Out

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2 months ago
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Source: Times of India

Experts say that there is a more effortless and fruitful strategy than time-outs which will not only discipline your child but be productive too. The strategy is time-ins. Similar to time-outs, time-ins are for your child to let them 'reflect' on their act but in a better way and not leaving them alone.

In time-outs, the parents take the child to a calm corner, a comfortable place and let them calm there. So, in time-ins, you can put their favourite toys and comforting things there. It will help them discipline themselves in a healthy manner. Further, it will improve their concentration too as they will be in a calm place. 

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Additionally, you can also participate with them in their time-ins. It will benefit both in maintaining and developing a quality bond. Time-ins can benefit them even in the long term as they will learn to deal with hardships.

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