Karnataka: 42 kids lost both parents to Covid

Tanmay Tandon
2 months ago
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Karnataka: 42 kids lost both parents to Covid

Source: The Times Of India

A initial government survey has revealed that 811 children in have lost at least one parent
to Covid-19 since March last year and 42 both parents. Five kids are aged below seven, while the rest are 10 to 18 years
old. Twenty-two have siblings.The women and child welfare division has conducted the survey. The process of identifying such children will continueand the affected minors will be provided benefits under the chief minister’s ‘Bala Seva’ scheme. The government has
promised Rs 3,500 monthly cash support to the parent or guardian.

Officials working on the scheme said that there might be a delay as finer points related to the scheme’s implementation
were being finalised. “We are currently in the process of finalizing strategies of the scheme. Once they are ready, we will
roll it out,” said a senior official of the department.

“There is a delay because the government is yet to decide how long
cash assistance should be given to guardians and the quantum of aid in case of children with siblings.”

But Anjum Parvez, principal secretary, women and child welfare department, said that the guidelines had been worked
out. “The guidelines are ready, and the government order in this regard will be issued in a day or two,” he added.

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