Can kids experience long Covid symptoms?

Pratham Suwal
24 days ago
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Can kids experience long Covid symptoms?

Source: Times of India

Last year, Covid-19 had a mild or no effect on kids. Kids were mostly considered the carriers of the virus and rarely showed any symptoms. However, in the second wave, things are much different and the virus is turning out to be equally infectious for both children as well as grown-ups. Children, including newborns, generally develop mild coronavirus symptoms and recover faster as compared to adults.

Long Covid is defined as signs and symptoms that develop during or following coronavirus infection and continue for more than 12 weeks after the period of infection. In most cases, kids develop mild Covid symptoms like fever, cough, breathlessness, fatigue, sore throat, and diarrhea, loss of smell, and loss of taste or remain asymptomatic.

The factors that lead to long Covid symptoms may differ from that of grown-ups. There is growing evidence that suggests that some kids may develop long Covid, even if they do not show any symptoms after contracting the virus. They may also experience brain fog, muscle aches, pain, gastrointestinal problems, nausea, dizziness, seizures, hallucinations, and testicular pain.

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