Indoor Activity Ideas for Toddlers

Riya Sree Kaishyap
a month ago
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Source: Times of India

Toddlers are constantly growing and experiencing new things. So, it becomes important that we introduce them to activities that boost their physical and mental development. Making teenagers familiar with physical activities makes them flexible and strong, while also helping them to sleep well. Here are some indoor activities that you can make your toddler indulge in.

  • Toddlers are always swinging to tunes. So tune in some good music and see your toddler get groovy while also being introduced to dancing.
  • Hide-and-seek is the OG game when it comes to keeping toddlers busy. However always be well-informed of where your kid is hiding, without giving it out to them.
  • Stretching and breathing exercises are always good for a toddler. You can also make use of fun ways and competitions to get them used to do these simple exercises.
  • Obstacle courses help not only test speed but also the thinking abilities of your toddler. But remember to keep away obstacles that might cause any kind of injury.
  • Classic ball activities can also help to sharpen a toddler’s physical and mental capabilities. A simple game of ‘throw-and-catch’ is enough to do the trick.
  • Toddlers love running around. Hence, they are always up to running around while playing ‘catch’. This is very beneficial in building their stamina.

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