How to handle Bullying?

Jyoti Singh
16 days ago
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Say No to Bullying

Bullying can leave deep emotional scars on your kids, and in an extreme situation, it can involve violent threats. It is important for you to discuss and educate your child regarding this subject and keep him prepared if it does happen someday.

Identifying bullying: 

When teasing becomes hurtful and constant, it turns to bully and needs to be stopped. The effect can be serious and can even contribute to suicides or school shootings.

Signs of bullying:

There are some warning signs for parents to interpret. Parents might notice kids acting differently or seeming anxious and nervous. There may be a difference in their sleeping or eating habits. If you notice so but the child is reluctant to open up, find another way to bring the topic up, in some different roundabout way.

Helping kids:

If your child tells you about being bullied, listen calmly. Emphasize that it's the bully who is wrong. Let someone in school know about the situation for many schools have anti-bullying policies.

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Instilling confidence:

To help restore the eroded confidence of your child, encourage them to spend time with friends who have a positive influence. Make sure they know you believe in them and support them.



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